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It is excellent at soothing sore throats: simply dissolve a spoonful in a cup of warm water or slightly cooled tea, or just take it off a spoon if you prefer.

You can also use it like normal honey as a much healthier way to sweeten food and drinks instead of using refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. Try it drizzled over thick Greek yoghurt with berries, swirled into your morning oats, or stir it into food marinades for a touch of sweetness.

A unique and powerful type of honey all the way from New Zealand, Manuka honey is an antibacterial-packed sweetener with a difference. It can provide great relief to a sore throat if dissolved in a glass of warm water.

It is called Manuka honey because the bees who make it frequent the Manuka bush and collect nectar from its flowers. This bush grows mainly in New Zealand and has been used by indigenous Maoris for over 4000 years.

UMF™ means Unique Mānuka Factor. Our UMF™ Mānuka Honey has been tested and certified in an independent lab to ensure the honey’s purity, quality and mānuka content, which is reflected in its UMF™ rating, such as UMF™ 10+.

Visit the UMF™ Honey Association website for more information: https://www.umf.org.nz

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