Fito Turmeric Peppercorn 40 capsules

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Turmeric has been used in Asian cuisine for thousands of years for its famed flavour and colour. It is only recently however that science has uncovered the other benefits of this superstar spice.
Turmeric is packed full of bioactive compounds, including a substance called curcumin, which is thought to have a number of beneficial properties that may underpin the spice's physiological effects.
To ensure you get the most from turmeric, we've created a special mix which combines whole turmeric powder with a concentrated extract, containing 95% curcuminoids, and black pepper, which is thought to help increase the bio-availability of curcumin. The result is a powerful and effective supplement, free from additives and fillers.

Take 2 capsules a day, ideally with food. Do not exceed the recommended intake.

Turmeric, peppercorn, starch and HPMC capsules

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